The merchants’ guild – our game in the Middle Ages

You are in the Middle Ages in the town “Virodunum” and you are a member of a merchants’ guild. To get hold of new treasures, you won’t stop at anything! You are on the track of the mysterious magician called “Amadeus”, who is researching once again. You and your guild smell a new treasure! But first, you have to find his secret research laboratory…

…can you and your guild find the mysterious research laboratory of Amadeus? You have an hour, because he is in the pub called “The aggressive swan” and now he's drinking with his mate Henry. Yes, they love beer. That’s your chance! Come on fools, grab the treasure!

Find the secret research laboratory of the magician Amadeus
Find his secret treasure and snatch it!

2 – 6 persons
For beginners and advanced players
The price depends on the number of participants:

The second game

The second game is still under construction, more information will follow. To not miss anything follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

X – X persons
For waiting and patient players