Mystic Cage GmbH
Grabenstrasse 4
CH-3600 Thun


The entrance is at
Grabenstrasse 4 on the 3rd floor. The building is located between the car park and the thrift shop called “HIOB”.


There are no car or bicycle parking spaces directly on site. However, there are several car parks close to us (City Nord Grabengut, Burg, City Ost Schlossberg). Bicycle parking spaces are at the gas station
“Oeltrans AG” or on the “Berntorplatz”.


We are also easily accessible by public transport.
From the train station with bus number 1
(in the direction “Steffisburg Flühli”) to the bus stop “Berntor” or with
bus number 3 (in the direction “Heimberg”) to the bus stop “Sternenplatz”. It is only a short walk from the bus stop to us.