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animal lover, drummer, festival-goers, bookworm, escape-roomer, board game player and much more.


gamer, computer scientist, video producer, escape-roomer, Japan lover, film junkie and much more.

The new Live Escape Room in Thun – The story about Mystic Cage Ltd

The Mystic Cage Ltd in Thun, that’s the two of us Natascha and Patrick. We are a couple and since many years we live with our cats and gerbils in the beautiful city of Thun. We’ve always loved puzzles and detective stories. Someday we discover the Escape Rooms in Switzerland and we became more and more interested in this ingenious game concept. That’s how the idea came about to create an Escape Room in Thun ourselves. In 2020 we found a suitable commercial room at Grabenstrasse 4 in 3600 Thun. The Pandemic dragged everything on a little. We started construction our first game “«The merchants’ guild” in January 2021. We have invested a lot of time and passion to achieve our goal. A huge thanks to all helpers who were involved in this great project. Finally, our gates have been open since 08/28/2021 and we have already welcomed some groups. We are visited by children from the age of 10 as well as retired people. This makes our work very interesting and the happy faces after the game are the best reward for our work.

Mystic Cage is an experience for (almost) all the senses. Very different puzzles await you, all this in a fascinating ambience inspired by the Middle Ages. You can immerse yourself fully in the story and enjoy an overall experience.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

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